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Claudia Morell
Claudia Morell
Concept Artist and Illustrator
Orlando, United States


Concept artist and illustrator with experience in 3D modeling and game development.

I love working on designs that push the story telling aspects of a character and environment. My inspiration derives from history, fashion, and fantasy, which empowers my design goals to create something unique that could really exist in our world. When I’m not drawing I’m most likely going to antique shops, playing video games, or looking at beautiful clothing online.


Concept ArtDigital PaintingIllustration3D ModelingDigital SculptingEnvironment ModelingHard Surface ModelingLow-poly ModelingCharacter DesignDrawingHigh-poly ModelingVisual DevelopmentComic ArtTraditional Art

Software proficiency



  • Concept Artist at Not Suspicious LLC.
    Orlando, United States of America
    October 2021 - October 2022

    - Create concepts for a VR sci-fi game, including ships, environments, robots,

    characters, and machinery the player can interact with while ensuring all content

    met the VR best-practices developed for the Quest 2.

    - Maintain a pre-existing art style while visually enhancing new content.

    - Use VR tools such as TiltBrush and Meta’s Horizon Worlds to convey the visual

    target during the pre-production of new content.

    - Collaborated daily with other developers to bring the team’s vision to life.

  • Concept Artist at Glass Cat Productions
    Orlando, United States of America
    August 2020 - December 2020

    - Contract position for designing characters, vehicles, environments, and props

    based on a wide range of different eras including prehistoric, 1920’s, ect.

    - Created six characters with 36 interchangeable outfits with unique twists on each


    - Modeled proxy assets of vehicles in Maya to aid in concept design.

    - Used white-box levels to create draw-over concepts of environments.

  • Concept and Environment Artist at Axolotl Productions
    Orlando, United States of America
    December 2019 - April 2020

    - Concepted the main character, major props, and large environmental pieces in

    collaboration with the Art Lead, animator, and rigger.

    - Crafted opening cinematic through the storyboarding and painting process.

    Worked with the video editor to plan effects and animations.

    - Illustrated images used as promotional material such as posters and banners.

    - Sculpted, modeled, and textured 3D assets including ancient statues, ramps, and

    the main temple as an Environment Artist.

    - Reached the top percentage for accuracy rates for task estimates.